Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Legacy of Storms, A Kirby Adventure

This is the second in the Kirby series. In Bear Island Treasure, the first of the Kirby series, Kirby searches for Blackbeard's treasure on the coast of North Carolina. Join him as he teams with his best friend Scooter to explore Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout where they search for wild Spanish mustangs, the ruins of Diamond City (which was destroyed by the San Ciriaco hurricane) and silver from a Spanish treasure ship that sank in 1750. As with his Bear Island adventure, Kirby's kayak is a vehicle that positions him for excitement and danger.

Monday, October 26, 2020

CABIN NOTES, a new book

I have just published a new book, CABIN NOTES: Adventures and Misadventures on Land and SeaThis is a collection of true stories with some suspense and humor, the way real life usually is. From the mountains to the coast, my family and I have experienced the excitement, wonder, and beauty of the outdoors while shedding a few tears and some blood along the way.

Any experience can become an adventure when things go badly. Weather, broken gear, accidents, and sometimes just poor decisions, what the I fondly call "Operator Error", can contribute to trips gone wrong. I may not have had more than my share of misadventures outdoors, but this collection of tales presents some of my most memorable stories about hiking, sailing, rafting, surfing, and paddling. Settings include rivers, oceans, lakes, mountains, and swamps. No one dies, but the opportunities were often close by.

These stories will not appeal to everyone, but I hope you will be interested and willing to share among your friends who may be curious. If nothing else, I am pretty sure this book will entertain in this bizarre year when entertainment has been challenging. 

The eBook version is available from Amazon. For the print version, you can order with the link above, through Amazon, or through your local bookshop (assuming they buy wholesale through Ingram), which I encourage. 

[NOTE: The link above is for my affiliate page on Bookshop, an online bookseller competing with Amazon and sharing profits with local, independent booksellers. And yes, I receive a small financial benefit if you order from Bookshop, but that is not why you should consider it.]

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The End

Rather than string along with weak tales from the land, I have decided to mothball the blog as it was before we moved ashore.

Wild Haggis floats a bit lonely in her slip. Thank goodness it has been a milder winter (so far) than last year's. I miss being surrounded by water. I miss the dolphins, the cry of the gulls, the explosions of color in sunsets. I miss the clanging of wayward halyards, the sway and slap of sea waves and the creak of docklines strained by nor'easters. I miss the raw and elemental exposure of sipping tea in the cockpit or walking a long dock to and from the shore. Living on the boat was always living as much in nature as surrounded by it.

It has been great fun to write for the past four years because I found good topics to feed the posts. It does not seem that way so much now, and most of my readers seem to mine the archives. I hope we sail some this year and, if we do, I will likely write new posts.

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Thank you for your support. Fair winds.